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Live as if the World Were As It Should Be

So You Can Show It What It Can Be

Hoc Est Qui Sumus
So you open the door, and you step inside . . .
You're inside our hearts . . .

The Internet remains a mysterious place, fraught with danger, intrigue, and goblins.

Collected Works

Your One-Stop Zombie Killing Guide: A treatment on vanquishing the restless dead. The information contained in this guide could very well save your life . . .

The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Algorithms Mid-Term: Could just as easily be titled "Thug Computer Science". If you've taken a class in algorithms and wondered how it applied to the "real world", have a look, and tell me what you think - suggestions are welcome.

Still Going with the About Myself -

Not wanting to become an Internet cliché, I decided to filter my entries about my depression. Many people see it as pointless bitching and moaning, but I've been diagnosed as depressed for almost ten years now, and I don't see it as such. If you want to be added to the filter to view these entries, follow the directions at this entry.

I work as a software engineer in commercial avionics. I graduated from Macalester College in December of 2002 with a major in Mathematics (my Computer Science major needs a senior paper completed before it is considered finished). I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran, but now identify primarily as a perennialist/Buddhist. Politically, I have been described as "left-leaning".

There is a story behind the username, and a story behind the Doc moniker. But they are, indeed, far too long to relate here.


Flickr Account

Discussion Websites: (with associated username) Slashdot.org (Discoflamingo13), Kuro5hin.org (Discoflamingo13), Everything2.com (Discoflamingo)

Geeky Websites:Babelfish, Andamooka (Free, on-line Informatik books), Linuxnewbie.org, Arstechnica , Freshmeat

Video Game Remix Artists: (check www.ocremix.org for details) Disco Dan, The Minibosses, Bart Klepka, Jared Hudson, Children of the Monkey Machine, Mazedude

GAT d-(+) s+ a- C++ UL+++ P+ L+++ E W++ N o? K w--(++) O V-- PS++ PE Y+ PGP+ t@ 5 X@ R++ tv b+++ DI++ D++ G+ e++>++++ h r y+

A Note on Copyright(left)

You are free to re-transmit, in any form, any of the ideas, words ,and passages that you find here under the public labeling (provided that this message is retained). I have no problems with that - you have my explicit written permission for such a thing (as opposed to implied oral permission, which isn't nearly as good).

If you come across a work that is marked with the "lock" glyph, you should discuss with me any use you would like to make of it, outside of the fair use provisions afforded by our dear, sweet Constitution. If this is confusing to you, talk to me by any of the above through electronic channels, if possible.

The more I watch, the more I learn
If you light yourself on fire, the world will pay to watch you burn
--- Course of Empire, "Automatic Writing #17"

No one's ever going to pay to hear what goes on in your mind
--- The Ike Reilly Assassination, "22 Hours of Darkness"

Whoever is unjust, let him be unjust still.
Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still.
Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still.
Listen, to the words long written down . . .
When the Man comes around.
--- Johnny Cash, "The Man Comes Around"

"Well let's face it. It never made much sense that objects that heavy could become lighter than air. As with many pre-existing phenomena, we sort of worked backward to find scientific justification. Now, the so-called 'Bernoulli Effect' postulates that air currents, sent into rotation under the wing's surface, create a vaccuum which provides lift. Now if that sounds like a load of crap, well, that's because it is. But we needed an explanation. We all feared that one day it would cease to function, and common sense would prevail. And today, of course, that's exactly what has happened. Flight no longer works."

"I should also point out that I have grave doubts about electricity."

--- Schizopolis
, Steven Soderbergh, director

Previous/potential journal/username titles/sub-titles include: "Live Together, Die Alone", "The plural of anecdote is not data", "The Perils of Making Thoughts Public", "You are Nothing but Spindly Limbs and a Dream", "Giant Warrior Bees Will Inherit the Earth", "To bury what was dead, To burn what was evil, To destroy what was dangerous", "If Wishes were Fishes, then Beggars Would Ride", "6σ Samurai", "Not Your Sort of Human Being", "Spiritual Watermark", "It would seem the caterpillar has emerged from its cocoon, as a shark! With a gun for a mouth!"

If it ever comes up, my blood type is A+. Just, you know, so you know . . .

Once Friended, Now Deleted Journal Of Yore: scrithe, paronym