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This is what happens when I leave my web browser open for a whole week.

So, I have some stories that I think you should read, if/when you have time. These are all stories that had me thinking for at least an hour or two about their implications - I hope you find at least one that you like.

Why flying the US flag upside-down is patriotic, and having a sticker of the flag on your car is illegal.

A Warmonger Explains War to a Peacenik linked from spacefem
YAIIR (Yet Another Intelligent Iraq Rant) linked from (and partially written by) xambrius

The Owatonna Dilemna - An interesting account of the Somali immigration to a sub-suburb of the Twin Cities - Owatonna, MN.

Children Use GPS to find Roadkill. This story reminds me of home.

Man held unconstitutionally for donating to a Muslim charity. This will be Sklyarov all over again, only for no reason whatsoever. I'm freaked.

Quantum theory changed forever. Really!

Malaria to be eradicated. Of course, in theory, Communism works.

Spreading democracy, by any means necessary. Turmeric, in large doses can cause severe intestinal damage. turmeric, on the other hand, can rant like a mofo at the drop of a hat.

Wanna make some mead? How about some sushi?

Finally, a short story (called T.E.U.) from K5 - so good, it made the front page! A neat thought experiment on the future of housing.

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