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20 March 2003 @ 05:35 am
This is all the time I have  
I don't post as often, because I have no more time - and I don't answer what replies I get, because I have a job now. I'll get better about that after a while - but right now, I can't. I need to wake up more than I need to connect, and sometimes I think that's a sin.

The job is getting easier - but not easy. And this whole weekend will be really busy - good, but busy, what with the wedding and all. And the juniors are going to Winnipeg, with some freshmen. And they made me dinner last night, and it was good. And then I had to leave.

If you could read everything between, you might cry.

I'm stranger in this town
Heaven is on the way
Current Music: Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep
Moxie Crimefighter: kittydrowdancer on March 20th, 2003 05:03 am (UTC)
betsy and i are sophmores.
Hoc Est Qui Sumus: Devourdiscoflamingo on March 21st, 2003 11:59 am (UTC)
Yeah? That hole, where you put your pie? You mean my pie-hole? Yeah - shut it.
You get to be juniors - nuff said. I don't care that you're ::actually:: sophomores - you're cooler than most of them anyway.

Okay, I'm done. And I hope Canadia was fun.
lord and master of the broken children: yo-sanavatarofchaos on March 22nd, 2003 08:25 pm (UTC)
wait till you hear about the pie....
oh...it was interesting. the club was....funny. the drive was .... long, but fun.

*insert funny rant in how i've been mistaken nine of ten times in the past two months for a senior*

the end
la femme stygian: tv's blue tintgunn on March 20th, 2003 06:05 am (UTC)
Hang in there, doll.
Lady of the Greengreen_truth on March 20th, 2003 09:14 am (UTC)
If you need anything.... I may not always be aware, but when I am I offer, and if I am not feel free to ask or demand time or comfort or help.
Take care of you, 'kay?
atelierlune on March 20th, 2003 11:21 am (UTC)
You do what you have to do


take care of yourself. I mean it. If I come back to find out you've overdone it....