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An Early Post from an Early-Waking Kinda Guy :-)

Yesterday I was up at 6 - today, I'm up at 5. Yesterday I sold two crates of books (yay Money!), got a haircut (Great Clips . . . ugh), and saw Andy Cantrell. He's in town - if you know him and want to see him, send him an e-mail. He'll find you, if you do it before Thursday. And yes János - it was the lady who didn't speak any English. She was pretty good when she had 3 inches of hair to work with. I got a lot done yesterday, but I didn't see too many people, which was meh.

Petey! took me to Green Mill - and neither of us drank. We talked about his group situation, and how everything seems to be getting better for him, which was good. Now I'm going to finish printing directions and head off to work.

I may dream in technicolor, but I trip the fuck out
in old-school black and white
My name is Doc, and I'm a Sith Lord.

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