Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

(22:05:45) Mike: like slaughter house 5
(22:06:20) Doc: that's a good one
(22:06:30) Mike: that's a TERRIBLE one,
(22:06:55) Doc: shut up, it's great
(22:07:21) Mike: oh yeah? alone in my cell i sit, my britches covered in shit, and my balls rolling gently on the floor,
(22:08:01) Doc: it's like poetry, or something
(22:08:23) Mike: it's from slaughter house five, this guy i tell you about, ben, he kept doing that, over and over again on the bus,
(22:08:33) Mike: pointing out those randomn lyrics in the book,
(22:09:11) Doc: I know where it's from - I'm just reminding you that it's like poetry
(22:09:39) Mike: there once was a man from stanbool, who found a red spot on his tool, the doctor was a cynic and said get out of my clinic and wipe the lipstick you fool
(22:10:17) Mike: that sound like poetry? he kept doing that, too
(22:10:32) Doc: yeah, it does - it's a limerick
(22:10:55) Mike: it's funny, don't get me wrong, but it's TERRIBLE, kurt vonnegut is such a dirty old man,
(22:11:42) Doc: He becomes less of a dirty old man as he writes more. You should read "Mother Night" if you want to see him as a little cleaner
(22:12:02) Mike: does he still say fuck three times a page?
(22:12:50) Doc: Yeah - what's so fucking wrong with that?
(22:13:03) Mike: nothing, i didn't say anything i was wrong,
(22:13:10) Mike: if you could see the look on my face it would say otherwise,
(22:13:14) Mike: does he still say wang?
(22:14:00) Doc: Who? Tycho or Kurt?
(22:14:04) Mike: kurt
(22:14:25) Doc: not so much anymore
(22:14:49) Mike: i find it hard to believe that slaughter house five is encouraged to be read,
(22:15:42) Doc: have you ever listened to soldiers talk? It's pretty accurate
(22:15:50) Mike: wang?
(22:16:10) Mike: WANG? wait, todd's a soldier, todd says wang, never mind,

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