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Musings on Klezmer and Clarinet

One of my Christmas presents was several books that I already own - so I ended up with a bunch of gift certificates for Amazon. I used these gift certificates to purchase Klezmer music (aka "Jews with Horns" - an actual title of a Klezmer album). A Klezmer band is typically composed of a clarinet, violin, flute, bass, and trap set. Brass instruments are incorporated sometimes, but rarely. Klezmer is the kind of music that you hear at a bar(t)-mitzvah, or other Jewish gathering. It's often improvised, with a chord structure to build the improv off of, and several cadenzas for the violins and clarinets. It is both fast and slow, and rarely in-between. I love it.

Since I'd played the clarinet for 7 years, I decided to pull it out again today to see what I could still do - and the wood is drying out, and the pads are busted! So, it will have to wait to be fixed, since I have no idea how much such a thing would cost, although I already know it's more than I have.

I loved the clarinet - it's a very logical, flexible instrument, but its wide range typically plunks it into the "harmony" section of any symphonic piece. Hence, Klezmer, where the clarinet takes the forefront as the lead instrument. I'm looking forward to playing it again - embouchre and breath support be damned! The clarinet will be mine, again!

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