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Staying awake for 48 hours straight, Writing, the OLU, Random notices, and War/Hello Kitty

Note: The vocoder used by Squarepusher in this song makes the phrase "something something my red hot car" sound like "I'm going to kill(fuck? It changes) you with my rock-hard cock". Thanks again, Phil :-)

I woke up at 24:00 on the 7th (and I'm still working on how - something which I attribute to a bizarre product of sleep-deprivation and sleep-binging. I fell asleep at roughly 09:00, Feb. 7. I'm doing laundry and typing like a crazy motherfucker - and I still want to hit Cahoot's today. cloudscudding - are you going to Fine Grind? Let me know . . .

One of my favorite web sites, Everything2, has sponsored a Noding Quest for Adventure. Those of you who wanted me to write up "I Believe in Morphine" (read at a previous Fight Club), this is the catalyst that will see that story enter the (web-)printed page. I'll keep you posted as the typing commences - also? valrus - an excellent font of XP has opened up before us . . .

In other news, I'm working on Rant in C Major, which should appear before the end of the weekend. I need some printed copy to ascertain, to the literate community at large, that I am a filthy, filthy bleeding-heart-pinko-liberal-commie-hippy-fascist. So, it's on its way out. I hope to not disappoint.

One of the sleep-induced ideas from last night (morning?) was the OLU - the Ovarian Logic Unit, if you will. This is, of course, the hypothetical hard-wired neural circuitry in the female brain which gives to rise to "women's intuition" and that bizarre style of communication by telepathy that I am still convinced all women have. Just a note, really.

whatis42 - are you still interested in that book? I can mail it to you this Monday if you want to pay $10 and postage (you know, mail me a check when you get it, or whatever). If not, I'm going to Half-Price it.

susanofstohelit - do you need the Arabic CD's anymore? They're 1.4 GB of hard-drive-sucking-waste that I'm looking to delete - and if you need them on CD (which I think I did once?), I can do that again.

Any people still not get a copy of Salva Nos that wanted one? I'm willing to mail it - just let me know below.

In the Grim Future of Hello Kitty, There is Only War

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