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Behold My Internet 0WnZ0r1N6 5k1llZ!!!

A small step for man, a giant step for melamine tableware (the 8" Tar Hong "Red Life" Bowls, to be precise). There's a small story to this, I suppose. When I moved into this apartment, there was a good deal of random crap left behind - but some of it was absolutely kick-ass. Well, this bowl we have. It's the exact right size for microwaving any canned soup, stew, or pasta. And if you want a big-ass bowl of cereal, this is where you go.

I have no idea how it got here - it was probably Slivken's, from long, long ago. It's plastic, and holds up to abuse remarkably well (there are some tiny pits in it from washing with knives and such, but nothing else). I simply had to have more.

I don't have them yet (I still need money for that, but I soon will have money for this!). Enter the Internet 0WnZ0r1N6 5k1llZ™- there are only two understandable portions on the bowl - "Shuang Ho" and "5008". About an hour later, I learned that "Shuang Ho" is also "Tar Hong" and 8"~20cm. Then I found the bowls.

Also? LAME!!!

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