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Things I did while Procrastinating on the Capstone Paper (In the Last Three Days)

I sold the last of the CD's - and bought a CD called Ice-9 Ballads, which features the lyrics (and the musical [read, clarinet] stylings) of Kurt Vonnegut, an orchestra, and some other guy who does everything else (ah, Dave Soldier). It's that godd kind of odd - and, uh, Gunn already has borrowing dibs, so neener.

I beat the Protoss and Terran missions in Brood War without cheating - except for the lame missions without resources, which I just skipped. There are few moments in time so perfect, so breathless, as the "twelve seconds to impact" of a tactical nuclear warhead exploding in the middle of a Zerg encampment with your last ghost painting the dot. Then I just kept doing it over and over again for kicks. Kicks, man.

I finished The Big U, That Hideous Strength, The Book of the Dun Cow, and I'll probably finish The Tin Drum today. Also? The dishes got washed in a collaborative effort between Fuck-fuck and myself . . . <applause> . . . Thank you, thank you - I'll be here all week.

I have a new background for my desktop, which I've been waiting to find for a while - turned out it was here. Like all the other Propaganda tiles, it's fully toroidal. Mmm . . . torus . . .

Phil accidentally lent me the new Pigface album, so I've been listening to that quite a bit. In closing, all I have to say is:

Fuck Penn Jillete. Fuck Pigface.

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