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In which Doc swears a lot

Word to the wise - MacDonald's "Big and Tasty" is neither big nor tasty. Also? Yeah.

I saw a sign for a hospital, with a doctor's picture on it that, from half a mile away, looked disturbingly like Hannibal Lechter. Not actually him, though.

I just got back from the "drive home to fix the computer, then drive back for Phil's game," which didn't actually work out in either case. I took too long getting Windows on the computer in question (it's my dad's, I didn't have a choice), so I didn't get back into the Cities until late. Like, an hour ago late.

My dad has a tendency to laugh at little problems - I don't. I swear a lot when I have to work with Windows - since the docs are poor, the config tools are awful, and I just hate the concept in general. My dad is not more clueful than myself in this regard - he just likes watching me struggle. Which is all fun and games until I just can't take it anymore - at which point I just up and left. Threw my bags in the car and started driving, and I didn't stop until I ran out of gas in Medford. $50 I blew on gas to get there and back - and the whole time I'm trying to get the fucking thing working, I have my dad watching me, making fun. That's the one thing I can't stand about him - he doesn't even offer to help - and he laughed when I called customer support for CenturyTel (the only DSL ISP in Park Falls) and I got a busy signal. A busy signal? They're the goddamn motherfucking phone company! There were no instructions for Windows XP on their website - no option to download the login client. There is also no option to add the PPPoE protocol to the 3Com card, which was easy enough to configure manually in 98SE, Me, and 2K. Suckers of Satan's Cock™ - the lot of them.

I also spilled half a can of Mt. Dew on the keyboard, so I have to make do with the old silver beauty I made in high school until I can fix that one. Maybe I can convince Nemo to take a picture of it - it's really, really shiny.

I'm seriously pissed that I couldn't make Phil's game - it was going to be really cool. Fuckety fuck shit.

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