Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Back That Up

So, i've spent most of today backing things up, trying to clean and organize, taking Petey to get his paycheck (so he would buy me lunch), finishing C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy, and trying to get my car (and its CD player) fixed.

I've finished transferring about 18 CD's worth of backed-up material onto the new hard drive, and now I just have to sort through the redundant crap. All told, about 30GB of data, altogether. Most of it source files, which I don't need anymore, and are horribly outdated. I also found a bunch of music CD's hiding in the stacks of system backups. Everybody could use a little Emm Gryner.

I didn't go to Wisconsin - instead, I got jerked around by the people at Best Buy, and the car repair center was closed (both engine coolant and washer fluid are leaking at enormous rates, which is bad when driving anywhere, but especially in the latest salt flurries). Maybe I'll go tomorrow - maybe not. The guy at Best Buy was a real dick about looking up my service number - and you'd think he wouldn't be, considering how much it cost.

I feel cast adrift - like I have little direction, and I need to spend some time at home just writing. This capstone has to get done.

I hope your first day of school was good - for those of you in school. I'll be inthe area for quite some time, so don't forget that I'm still alive.

And Annie M. - if you still want that book, I can work out mailing it you in Ohio pretty easy. If not, I should probably get rid of it. A set CD, as well.

Also, I've made about 2 dozen "Salva Nos" discs - I still have about a dozen more to make and give out. All I can say is, damn.

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