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Wacky misadventures of sleep deprival

So I didn't sleep again last night. I helped Luckjohn with his neural net homework while I chewed over Real (and was subsequently chewed), and discovered the magical portions of the C++ Standard Template Library which will help me avoid writing a permutation hashing function for Tom's Program. I don't quite udnerstand it, but it works just like intoning magical words over a sacrificial animal of some kind (Ask Phil about his computational chemistry project - his was 12 chickens, this is about 8). I feel better about doing stuff today, because I can no longer afford to fuck up. And I'm gonna get this shit nailed to the wall - I promise you that much.

Doom/Death/Hit List (Idea courtesy of susanofstohelit)

  • Today - rough draft of Real Paper, Real Homework
  • Tomorrow - Tom's program - Murnaghan-Nakayama Style.
  • Friday - Real Paper, Poetry Revisions
  • Saturday - Discrete Applied Paper
  • Next Week Sometime - Design Patterns Paper,
    Robo-Rally Design Paper and Diagram, Tom's Program - RSK-Insertion
    a/or Cantrell/Miller/Halverson Style
  • Last Day of Finals - Real Take-Home Final

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