Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Random projects I need to write down before I forget

  • Make a quilt out of all of the shirts that are too raggedy to wear anymore. Failing that, get somebody else to make said quilt.

  • Finish burning the runes into my Walking Stick Staff of Power.

  • Rip ogg's from all those CD's I'm sending home (or selling) because I don't have the room.

  • Write that book that summarizes everything I need to know about Symbolic Logic (so I can get rid of that box of Logic books).

  • Write that book that summarizes everything I need to know about Writing (so I can get rid of that box of Writing books).

  • Write down all the funny/important stuff from the books in my box marked "Salvage," so that I might dispose of them properly.

  • Go through that box of receipts and identifying papers and burn the ones I don't need.

  • Take avatarofchaos out to a fabric store - buy her fabric - ask very nicely if she can clone me a blue trenchcoat over J-term.

  • Submit poetry for publication - hopefully earn notoriety and/or spare cash.

  • Finish Garklein Campaign Notes™.

  • Go through all of my back-up CD's (as in, all 53 of them) and combine them into one, uniform set of back-up CD's (I estimate that, without duplication, it would take about 6 CD's). Do the same thing for mp3/ogg CD's.

  • Learn how to knit. All the cool kids are doing it.

  • Deep-clean the kitchen/bedroom/car. They need it.

  • Install cd-player in Harold, Car of the Future™.

  • Sort the ever-growing pile of "I should think about what these mean" papers.

  • Make that wooden box with the stuff and the velvet lining and the hey-hey. Oh, and buy some velvet lining.

  • Completely read Wolfram's A New Kind of Science (This is like making a quilt from scratch, folks).

  • Fix Russ.

This list will expand as necessary as I think of things before 8 in the morning tomorrow. If you read it then, it should be plenty big.

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