Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

"I still need to de-grease the spice rack, but I'm running out of magic orange shit."

Okay - this seems to be a strong indicator of how I may spend most of time after school. For crying out loud - trading one obsession for another. Yargh! I don't know if it's the Metal J movie, but I think it's close enough ;)

I have finally moved everything belonging to myself out of my old apartment - only 3 months behind schedule. Hence, the current apartment's a little cramped - not uncomforatbly so, but I think I may be giving the books to their recipients, um, this week - or else I may not have room for anything else, and I like breathing a whole bunch.

My mind has calmed down a great deal since last night - it was busy, but not manic. My dreams were manic - they involved cleaning the spice rack in our kitchen, and Shannon Doherty (?), and some kind of sword duel. I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

Here's to a better tomorrow.

PS - I'm not kidding about figuring out how to get candle wax off of wood. I really don't know how to do that, and it's becoming a problem. Or something. Any help appreciated - I imagine it requires freon, peanut butter, or some combination of the above.

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