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Huzzah! to getting things done

So, I woke up naturally today - as in, without an alarm. That's good- I hadn't set said alarm. I think it also means that my light is working. To the light, I say "word."

My most recent poem received a wide variety of comments in class yesterday, almost all of them positive. That makes me feel pretty good, I think. I was mostly surprised by the number of ways to read meaning into the poem. For crying out loud - I only made it "seven" sparrows because seven is the only number less than ten that has two syllables! But I guess a diversity of opinion and interpretation is a good thing for art - I was equally amazed by Zach's piece, and the depth of meaning it had inside of it. I wonder if people are aware how much their work impacts others, even in a creative writing class?

Last night I read by candlelight for the first time in too long. I also fell asleep while I was reading, and, to make a long story short, does anybody know how to get candle wax off wood?

Work today has three main components - verbal, somatic- err, the real analysis homework, the M-T character program, and at least one section of the Design Patterns paper. I think I can actually get the Murnaghan-Tanayama character program to worl, which would be awesome - Tom doesn't know anybody who's actually implemented the algorithm yet. Adios!

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