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A list from last year

Some of you may remember this list I made last year, so I thought I would post it (Note: Some of these are deliberately stolen from a place I don't remember, but I thought it was funny):

Top 10 Reasons Why My Mathematics/Computer Science Capstone/Honors Project Isn't Done Yet

  • 10 - My Environmental Studies roommate keeps recycling it.

  • 9 - My Chia-Pet® case mod ate it.

  • 8 - The robots keep eating my medication for fuel.

  • 7 - The grant money has yet to be approved for the IR Goggles, shark-suits, and sniper rifle ammunition.

  • 6 - The code seems to work acceptably, but the monkey repellant is failing at inopportune moments.

  • 5 - My application of the Tanayama-Shimura Conjecture relies heavily on the hands-on testing of Duke Nukem: Forever

  • 4 - I'm modfiying TeX to accept my trinary image format.

  • 3 - Waiting on a proof of the Goldbach Conjecture to ensure its complete accuracy.

  • 2 - Need to try it again as a female gnome paladin.

  • 1 - Shouldn't have spent all that time trying to make it rhyme.

  • Unclassifiable: (It's quite simple and complete, but doesn't fit in the margins of this paper)


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