Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

"Salva Nos" and Post-Partum Depression

So, my last set (for the next year, anyway) is over. I spent all day mixing it, testing it, thinking about it, playing it, talking about it with Cam at Perkin's, etc. So forgive me if I looked a little downtrodden when you told me you weren't staying, or not showing up. I'm probably not doing another dance for a year or so, and this was short notice and all, so I'm just bummed that people couldn't stay. It's also really late, since I had a great talk with Cam about other things (mostly musicals and why Hamlet sucks/rules). So, I've forgotten (already) a lot of the people who asked me for copies of the set. I'm getting to that -

There were a lot of people (for whatever reason) that were really tired tonight, and left before my set even started (or in the middle) lots of people asked me for a copy of the set - for people at the dance, I made a sign-up sheet. I have (once again) made it a point to burn a copy of the set for anybody who wants one - if you want a copy, (and did not sign up on the sheet) sign up for one in the comments space below.

Finally, I thought it went really well - comments on the set itself are also appreciated.

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