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  • The night of the Real Analysis mid-term, I had a waking dream where Bressoud was wearing some sort of wizard hat, and he stood in front of the class, and said, "Now, some of you are probably wondering what the answers these questions are. I can't tell you right away, but I will tell you where to look. The answers to these questions lie in the soul of every man, woman, and child who is pure in thought and deed. In order to get them, you're just going to have to kill one of them and rip the answers from their soul. Best of luck!"

  • I think of IM'ing systems as the computer equivalent of a phone. I only use them for the same reasons as phones. I don't know why I'm telling you that.

  • I think o fIRC as the computer equivalent of a pager. See above.

  • My roommate is not a human being. Only twice have I ever seen him eat.

  • Recently, I spend most of my "spare time" construcing icons for my Windowmaker setup and compiling programs at home. I am a total dork.

  • The rest of that "spare time" has been spent reading House of Leaves. I'm not kidding.

  • The Berlin Windowing system is where it's at. Or where it will be at, in about 20 years . . . I love innovative software.

  • For you Linux-ey people out there, just a heads-up that Logjam 4.0 is the damn shiznit. It's so purty - so quick, so lively . . . awww - isn't it cute?

  • One day, I will have a single shell script that I can activate that will compile my distribution for me over the next couple of days, and go "ding" when it's done. I am sick of compiling everything by hand. NTS- look into that Gentoo source again.

  • I need to return things to people, and I need to get in touch with people in meatspace. Yes Gunn - that was just for you.

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