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28 October 2002 @ 06:37 pm
The Wonders of Linux, Part XXVII: Using the Gaim AIM Client.  
(18:11:31) Devin: Dude, stop with the hyperlinks before I give you a red-ass beatdown.
(18:12:09) discoflamingo13: Where at? I only count, like two right now
(18:13:53) Devin: Everything you're typing at me is a hyperlink to nothing, right now.
(18:14:03) discoflamingo13: What?
(18:14:25) Devin: When you type, it's making it into a hyperlink to nowhere.
(18:14:39) discoflamingo13: Fuck. Hold on . . .

*** discoflamingo13 closes message window. Opens new message windows

(18:16:48) discoflamingo13: How about now?
(18:16:54) Devin: Nope, still ther.e
(18:17:08) discoflamingo13: Fuck.

***discoflamingo13 signs out, signs in again

(18:17:33) discoflamingo13: How about now?
(18:17:42) Devin: Still there.
(18:17:49) discoflamingo13: GODDAMMIT!

***discoflamingo13 quits gaim, starts it up again

(18:18:34) discoflamingo13: Now?
(18:18:40) Devin: Nope.
(18:18:52) discoflamingo13: WTF does that mean, again?
(18:19:22) Devin: It means that all of your text is treated like it's a link to somewhere.
(18:19:28) discoflamingo13: Is it fixed or broken?
(18:19:40) Devin: What, the link?
(18:19:45) discoflamingo13: No - the text.
(18:19:47) Devin: It just points to nothing.
(18:19:55) Devin: I can read the text fine.
(18:19:55) discoflamingo13: So everything is still a hyperlink?
(18:19:59) Devin: Yep.
(18:20:11) discoflamingo13: **swears uncontrollably for the next 30 seconds**
(18:20:28) Devin: You broke it.
(18:20:52) discoflamingo13: I feel kindof good about that.
(18:20:59) discoflamingo13: Now?
(18:21:37) Devin: It was good for the "I feel..." line, but now it's back.
(18:21:47) discoflamingo13: How about now?
(18:21:58) Devin: All good.
(18:22:10) discoflamingo13: You know why? Because I prefaced it with a ""
(18:22:25) discoflamingo13: I mean a < /a >
(18:22:34) discoflamingo13: You know what I mean
(18:22:42) Devin: Yeah.
(18:22:43) discoflamingo13: \<
(18:22:51) discoflamingo13: Fuck
(18:22:53) Devin: None of that now.
(18:23:41) discoflamingo13: Right-ey oh.
(18:23:54) Devin: So, how've things been.
(18:24:18) discoflamingo13: Full of HTML tags.
(18:24:23) discoflamingo13: I mean, okay.