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Kol Simcha and Pygmy Children

Tonight, after Phil's game, I stopped at Cheapo, to see if I could find some albums I've been looking for for awhile. Both albums I was looking for are, as far as the stoned-out guy at Cheapo can tell, out of print. Like this one, Voice of Joy, by Kol Simcha. KS is an eclectic mix of Swiss music Ph.D's who decided to form a klezmer band. Since I played the clarinet through most of high school, my dad got me this album to "further my artistic development." It's really, really good - and Chrissy Chrouser basically thought I gave it to her (instead of lent it to her), which is why I don't have it now. But, as the guy in Cheapo says, it is unavailable - as is their new album, Klezmer Soul.

Likewise, the album Low Life Dream, by Pygmy Children, is apparently out of print - but this time, it's for real. Google offers such helpful sites as this and this. Mal? Little help?

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