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I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

Faith: is believing in that which we cannot see, sense, or prove. Faith gives us axioms - faith gives us proof without proof. Faith is immune to logic. All systems of Thought are based on Faith.
Opinions: Beliefs that are subject to Change, are more likely to be fluid, unless they are long-lasting
Knowledge: That which Logic and the Senses have verified through induction and deduction, and Instincts which an Individual was born with.
Belief: That which can not be Known, but is True for the Individual. See also Knowledge; contrast with Opinion.
Logic: is a consistent, complete system of determining the validity of an argument.

Useful definitions can (and may) include: data, meme, God(dess), god(dess), church, state, information, senses, the Individual, consistent, complete, proof, religion, epistemology, instinct, nature, nurture, truth, falsity, dualism, force, object, reality, change, and Fnord.

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