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www.Engrish.com (Doc Wastes, Like, Two hours of Break)

Fuck-fuck showed me this site (which has been seen before - so I will try to make it mildly brief.)

Um - Fatality . . . ?
A Classic T-Shirt
A bar - I guess.
Smell it. I Dare You.
I suppose we all feel like this.
Got Angel Problems?
It's French
For the Ladies
I am Loving Sponge
Everyone could Use one of These
Has 20 Poses! Kung-Fu Grip!
In the Year 2525 . . .

And for those of you who have unreasonable video game addictions - overclocked.org has a video game quote page of a very similar nature.

Go - waste time!

(PS - I tried to read The Iowa Review's poetry section after these - I wouldn't recommend it.)

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