Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

The Days are Just Packed

So Fall Break starts in about two hours. Plans have reared their ugly heads:

Tonight: Eli will be reading her play (along with some other people - although just her reading it would be pretty sweet), The Opera Hurts. My hetero-life-companion this evening will be Smokes with a Twitch. Um, yeah - well, the play should be fun. Note to Self: Find women to bring to art-related events.

Thursday: Phil's game will be going on - Maybe Kuroshin Wakari-Hito will finally die? Maybe we'll destroy the Holy Land . . . who knows?

Friday: Talk of a party, that I should DJ. Well, I also have show that night, so some of my DJ'ing will be from afar, methinks. But yeah - Warcraft Peon costume, here I come! Note to self: Buy Axe.

Saturday: Cahoot's / Fight Club. Plans for poetry nefarious and sublime. The movie will, unfortunately, not be ready. Neither will the Cthulu Mythos / Stuffed Animals Story-Time Hour. Note to self: Buy Schnapps.

Sunday: Fuck if I know, man. Like, probably something. Or something.

Seeing as how I also have a bunch of homework, that will probably happen during the days - when mischief / fixing my computer isn't happening. Yargh!

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