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I am Obliged

I am obliged to tell you about the weekend in general. I just feel like it - having woken up early to sit in front of my lamp for the first time in ages, I'm a little sleepy, but I think I can be coherent. We'll see, I suppose.

Friday I was still living the all-nighter - so doing the radio show with Malaclypse was, shall we say, "an adventure." I don't know how many times we used the phrase "monkeys with guns" on-air. Also, HLD stopped by for about half the set - it's always good to see him. The highlight of Friday night? I got in an argument with Mal about the lyrics to a Limp Bizkit song (sad, I know) - which song has the lyrics "It's just one of those days / It's all about the he-said she-said bullshit / I think you better quit / talking that shit / or you'll be leaving with a fat lip". Since this is obviously some, like, bad-ass poetry and stuff, and we were very concerned about whether it was "Break Stuff" (Doc) or "Nookie." (Mal) When the show was over, I drove Mal home, waved at a hovering Miranda outside Independence St Clair, and as soon as Bill let everyone in, as I was pulling out of the driveway, "Break Stuff" comes on 93.X. I was right about the lyrics - not like Mal cares. PS - I think the show went pretty well, except for the one fucker who kept asking us to play "happy music." He also believes that you can swear on the radio - what an idiot. Next week, I'm going to dedicate a whole block of Gravity Kills to that dork.

Saturday, I was woken up by my mother, who had come by to set up some furniture. It turned out to be a lot of furniture. As in, the apartment looks like a damn house now. Or, as Luckjohn says, "The Apartment Fairy, she done come." Not that I mind - but I'm still sore from moving things. And cleaning. Did a lot of that. Also got a chance to talk with Nemo a bunch - will add more details later.

Sunday - the only heavy thing I had to move was my old TV from Mal and Mitzelplik's place, which they had "on loan" for about a year and a half. I understand their being sad to see it go, but still. Got to shop with mom for computer parts, which may or may not fix the old computer. Also, books. I have an order in at Hungry Walley for House of Leaves. My weekend was successful then, I guess. Had a long talk with Hillary and Luckjohn, about stuff. Eventually McGhiever joined in. Little work was done - I will be changing that in about five minutes. See y'all later.

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