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Note 1 to self: If prego means "you're welcome," ragu means "two dollah!"
Note 2 to self: I have way too many postcards. Must find something to do with them.
Note 3 to self: Replace "postcards" with "books" in note 2. Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Note 4 to self: Programming languages aren't that much different than normal languages. Except, instead of being used in many different social settings, prog. languages are, generally, only used in lover's quarrels between compilers and programmers.
Note 5 to self: Robert Frost's epitaph is I had a lover's quarrel with the world.
Note 6 to self: In Japan, gaijin mathematicians are sexy. Or, at least, Slivken is sexier in Japan.
Note 7 to self: My roommate is not a lounging algorithm, no matter how much evidence I gather to the contrary.
Note 8 to self: For the next twelve hours, Torley Wong is cool, but Delerium gets to win.
Note 9 to self: Nicole Blackman looks better in that shirt than Malaclypse ever will.

Projects outstanding:

1. CS Capstone First Draft - due November 1
2. Real Analysis Project 1 and
3. Real Analysis Project 2
4. Discrete Applied Math Final Project
5. Design Patterns Report - an introduction to UML and Design Patterns
6. Design Patterns Design - a Game, to be determined (RoboRally seems to have been done, unfortunately)
7. Two Combinatorial Algorithms for Character Tables
8. Poetry Final Portfolio

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