Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Not expecting guests - must vacuum

I ate dinner on-campus tonight. It was odd. Just being on campus- odd.

I found out tonight that some of Seiryu's suite-mates have selected my friends page to keep up on other people. I also find that . . . odd . . . Apparently I friended the right people. Whatever. Maybe I need a guestbook or something. Or at least some free water.

I made the twice-monthly 1 AM run to Kowalski's with Luckjohn. We have food - and now, if we don't make something that involves a large quantity of it, we will have nowhere in the fridge for it.

Set CD's burning after this. Requisite people - put in an order if you have not already done so.

Note to self: E-mail client has changed from Cronos II to Sylpheed. Must find way to convert all old e-mails from Cronos into useable form.

Seiryu has my poems now - if you would like to critique, and do not come to Cahoot's on Saturdays, please fill in an order if you have not already done so. I would appreciate it.

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