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In my dream last night - I went to China, on my way to Japan. We (Mom and Dad and I) waited in line with the Harlem Globetrotters in the "Meet the Prime Minister of China" line, where he performed his traditional "Welcome you to China and I will type what I just said so you can frame it when you get home" - after we met him, I saw Devin running from a crowd with a big pile of electronics/wires/hoses, and he recommended that I go to LA. So I told my folks I'd meet them somewhere in Japan, and I got Luckjohn from the food stand, and went to LA. where he got lost, and I crashed my car, but the ejector seats worked just fine. Never found Luckjohn though - I set up fliers and everything. I suppose I didn't get to see Japan in my dreams, either. Eh.

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