Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Bleary-Eyed Status Report

It's official - I failed the mid-term.
No, I'm not under-valuing myself - I didn't get enough questions written down to pass, so I failed.
It's amazing what failure does to your head, when you're used to it. This would have pushed me over the edge five years ago. Now, live and learn.
I'm not blase about it - I feel bad that I couldn't do better. Couldn't do "average." But I'm just going to try to learn.
I have a pretty terrible work ethic. I'm formulating a concrete plan about how I can change that.
I know - more than four years into college and just now I realize what I need to be doing in terms of my work ethic?
Better late than never, I guess.
Changes will be made.
People sacked.
Sleep will be had - eventually.

On the plus side -

  • The Mid-Term of 1,000 Years is OVER!

  • I don't have any more mid-terms. Period.

  • I only have two three four six seven outstanding projects due right now, at various times from tomorrow to December.

  • Time to get cracking. After sleep.

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