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15 October 2002 @ 10:06 pm
Sylune made a joke about trying on Davey's new ball gag - it's not a joke, that's what all of his midterms are like. Except I've been avoiding the grunty math work required, so, time for some grunty math work. I just need to pass - I'm getting so pissed at myself for being a math/cs major. Fuck. More later. Probably early in the morning.
Hoc Est Qui Sumusdiscoflamingo on October 16th, 2002 04:45 am (UTC)
I am so unbelievably fucked right now.

atelierlune on October 16th, 2002 07:50 am (UTC)
Ne? Fucked how? Like proper fucked?

No, but anyways....

I know it has to be frustrating. But you're almost finished, right? I know you didn't come this far to dry up and fall over.

Ganbatte, ne.