Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

A big box of stuff of which I should be gotten rid

I have actually found more stuff I would like to be rid of! It's not worth money! Exclamation marks are fun! If you are in the Twin Cities, it can be yours, for free. Just leave a comment saying what you want, and it shall be given unto you. First comment (by timestamp) claims it. Whatever you don't pick goes to FreeCycle or Goodwill. And thanks in advance for helping me declutter my apartment.

* Housewares *
- Manischewitz Candle
- PUR Water Filter (On-Tap design), with 3 filter cartridges (Never Used)
- 6 Brita water filter cartridges
- One can of Alloy shave gel
- 2 mated padlocks (with 4 keys)
- 2 sets luggage-size locks (One is 2 locks, the other is 3 locks)
- Handheld knife sharpener
- Toastmaster immersion blender
- Remington 12-piece haircut set (stainless steel clippers and accessories)
- Little pile of Post-It notes, assorted
- 5-Star brand pencil bag for 3-ring binder
- "Hegemony or Survival" by Noam Chomsky, audiobook on CD
- Big Bag O' Dice
- Crimper for snaps (something I bought from Michael's to add snaps to a duvet cover. Also - some snaps to go with it)
- Curtis ratcheting screwdriver, pistol grip, w/14 bits.
- 8" mini bungee cords (8 ct.)
- Gel wrist rest thing, never used
- Hair Scissors (came with my clippers - will never use)
- Neti pot
- Size L "We Prefer to be called Buccaneer-Americans" T-shirt

* Electronics *
- Coax Splitter (2 ct)
- 2 hour NiMH/NiCd battery charger
- 2 foot coax cable
- Coax patch cable (2 ct)
- 1 wire stripper
- RJ45/11 crimper/stripper (2 ct)
- Big Bag O' RJ45/11 terminators
- RCA universal remote
- Tape Adapter for Car
- LinkMaster RJ45 tester
- Playstation Memory Card
- Playstation Controller to USB adapter, with driver diskette
- Cable that comes with a Canon camera for mini-USB to video/mono (2 ct.)

* Computer Bits *
- PCI USB 2.0 card
- PCI IDE Controller Card
- 1GB Dual Channel DDR RAM (2 ct)
- 2 port USB plate
- USB mice (2 ct)
- ArciClean 2-stage Thermal Paste Remover/Surface Purifier (2 ct.)
- Converter - Male PS/2 to Female USB
- Converter - Dual Female PS/2 (Mouse and Keyboard) to Single Male USB
- Converter - AT to PS/2

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