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I like Quote Marks (Or, as Irish Uriah says, "Inverted Commas")

I feel like I haven't posted in forever, which I know to be not true. Two days is not a long time. I think I'm a junkie - and I guess the first step is admitting I have a problem. Yeah - whatever.

The shower in my apartment has officially been upgraded from "pain-in-the-ass" to "A Puzzle from Myst." Every day, the faucets do different things - there is not a consistent level of "turn this faucet x degrees for a volume y of water at temperature z." So every morning, I get to wake up by solving my shower's lateral thinking problem of the day - getting the water temp somewhere between "tac-nuke explosion" hot and "breaking off my extremities" cold.

Erragal makes some damn fine curry - even if he uses my wok like a cooking pot. That was just weird.

Thoughts from Dance -

  • The DJ is always responsible for killing the audience - and three times is too many. But even this can be forgiven.

  • Should I be proud of myself for hitting on someone for 10 straight minutes without her curling up into a ball? (This time, specifically) I dunno - the line between "quality time" and "notice me, Dammit!" grows ever thinner.

  • People are "planning" things for me. That involve other people - ???

  • Chase's step-sister is "about Doc tall." WTF?

  • Having your ankle hurt enough to stop you dancing sucks - when Avatar's ankle is even more fucked-up and she dances just fine. You got mad pain-control skills, girl!

Finally, for some reason, iTunes has the Thundercats theme song come right after "Blow up the Outside World." I didn't even know I had the Thundercats theme song.

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