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Stolen, like all good things (Song Survey):

1.Reminds you of an ex-lover: Anything from Sixteen Stone, by Bush
2.Reminds you of an ex-friend: See 1.
3.Reminds you of your childhood: Alabama Song / The End - The Doors
4.Makes you cry: Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
5. Makes you laugh: Sucks - KMFDM / They Might Be Giants
6. Makes you wanna dance: Silence - Delerium
7. Reminds you of the one you're with: N/A
8. Makes you very, very sleepy: That song from "An Americal Tail"
9. You wish you wrote: Blue - Yoko Kanno / Stairway to Heaven
10. You wish had been written for you: Head over Feet - Alanis Morissette
11. Fills you with complete joy: Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage
12. You never want to hear again: Aaron Carter. Fuck Aaron Carter
13. You want to get married to: Pachelbel's Canon
14. You want played at your funeral: Blue - Yoko Kanno
15. Makes you want to mosh/slam dance: Nitro - Offspring
16. Sums up your teenage years: Blow up the Outside World - Soundgarden
17. You used to hate but now love: Liebesleid - KMFDM
18. You like to wake up to: Inner Logic - Bad Religion
19. You favorite of your parents record collection: The album "Money for Nothing" - Dire Straits
20. Your parents like out of your collection: Rammstein (!?!)
21. You love that you wouldn't know about if it weren't for a friend: Let Your Body Die - Cyber-Tec, Todd - I Voted for Kodos
22. Makes you think of someone who died: Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
23. You love the video more than the tune: Tunak Tunak Tun - Dahler Mehndi
24. Reminds you of your first crush: Love is On the Way - Saigon Kick / November Rain - Guns 'n' Roses
25. Makes you want to scream and smash things: Anything by Systen of a Down, and not necessarily because I like them
26. Makes you think of the moon: No song, really
27. Makes you think of sex: "Justify my Love" - really, any version will do.
28. Makes you think of being alone: "Judith" - A Perfect Circle
29. Describes a moment out of your life perfectly: Home - Rockapella / Perfect - Alanis Morissette
30. Makes you think deeply: Vincent - Don McLean

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