Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Convergence 2008 - Post-Whirl

CONvergence was a lot of fun - there was also a lot of frustration and exasperation that I didn't have to go through.

Things I should do when I go to con next year

  1. Wait until Con starts to totally screw up my sleep schedule: Combined with 2, this was the biggest reason I didn't stay very long most days. In general, the whole week leading up to it had been very off, sleep-wise.
  2. Have a hotel room: I live too far away from most things - CONvergence is farther away from most of them. With 30 minutes of driving between home and con, there are a lot of activities that I can no longer do comfortably (e.g. drinking strange liquor with strange people). Also, gas is expensive, and I shouldn't be using it for this. I screwed up the hotel registration process earlier on, and failed to aggressively check up on the state of how many rooms there were (i.e. none).
  3. Don't pretend I can do lots of other things: I will end up doing most of them poorly. Which I did.
  4. Have a cellphone that actually works: My cellphone doesn't work without a headset (long story). This problem became about a thousand times more aggravating when I actually wanted to call people (or receive calls) more often than I usually do (which, in any given day, is about twice).
  5. Have a costume: At least one, probably two. It has social and fashion advantages - period.
  6. Talk to/Meet more people: It's true!
  7. Go to more panels: The one panel I did go to was very, very good. While I understand that some of them are not, most of them probably are.

  8. I have some notes from the panel on "Sexuality and Speculative Fiction" which I will post later, when I don't have to sleep half an hour ago.

    I know this sounds like a big blechhh ($$$$$$?) post, but I did really enjoy my first year of con, and I am already pre-registered for next year - I'm looking forward to it!

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