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23 May 2008 @ 06:42 am
Scathach tagged me two months back  
The rules in this game of tag are simple -- once you have been tagged, you must write a blog with ten weird, random things, little known facts or habits about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. Consider yourself tagged, or not, of your own volition.

1. I used to be a pretty good clarinetist, but I had to stop playing because making the embouchure was screwing up my jaw formation.
2. The first computer program I ever wrote was a QBASIC program which calculated escape velocity for arbitrary planets using an equation from GURPS: Space. I used it exactly twice.
3. I won second place in Poet's Fantasy's Limerick contest - a check for $15 and two contributor's copies.
4-7ish. Literary Favorites - Novel: The Glass Bead Game, by Hermann Hesse; Short Story Collection: Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, by Sylvia Plath; Short Story: "The Last Question", by Isaac Asimov; Poetry Collection: Practical Gods, by Carl Dennis; Poem: "Ars Poetica", by Archibald MacLeish.
8. I could not read until I was 7 - I fooled my teachers by memorizing what people read to me, and my parents and teachers did not catch on to this for two years.
9. I was a diehard Rush Limbaugh fan from the ages of 12-15. Then I got smarter.
10. When I was wee, I had a muscular-skeletal defect that had to be corrected by wearing braces on my legs. I was very, very wee, because I don't remember wearing these braces at all.
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Bill Dayton: pic#72281078johnnycoup on May 23rd, 2008 02:13 pm (UTC)
8. That's amazing!
9. That's a riot! I no longer feel quite so ashamed of the things that I did when I was that age. Operation Chaos!
A Carnot engine of self-loathingcalypsomatic on May 23rd, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC)
If you insist
1. I always wanted to be a drummer, took lessons on the bells until my spirit was broken, and quit as soon as we got a decent teacher.
2. I once took ground school and scored terribly, but I did get to go on a small flight with my grandfather's buddy.
3. Around ages 11-14 I was really into country music just because it was what my sister listened to. Then I realized I could just listen to what Nate listened to, which was better.
4.I have never been asked out on a date.
5. I am currently taking amino acid supplements in the hopes that they will be at least a partial remedy for my crippling, debilitating, suicidal depression.
6.I have smoked roughly 7 or so cigarettes in my life, and all of them were within the past four to five months.
7. I strongly believed that pot should be legalized even when, as a youth, I thought smoking it was stupid.
8. I sincerely mean a lot of the stuff I say about building a new human race.
9. I have met two people in person that I met online.
10. For my entire first year at college, I did not make a single friend.