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Quick Thoughts

  • Nicole Blackman's Blood Sugar has been reprinted by Akashic books of New York. This is the artist who gave us the lyrics to "Dogma," one of my favorite KMFDM songs, from her poem "Indictment." A hospital favorite. (thanks again, Mal)

  • My "journal template definition" is fucked up. Oops.

  • Bressoud will just look at you like you're a three-legged puppy dog when you turn something in late.

  • Ocean's Eleven (the new version) really is just as good for the 10th time.

  • Secret doings + not-so-secret preparations = hot damn!

  • Phone messages.

  • Log-linear and linear-log and log-log all sound like toys, but are actually kinds of graphs.

  • arch is another word that Irish Uriah has managed to teach me. (add to that list "lark" and "hectoring") To him, "arch" means something along the lines of self-referential in form / way that draws attention to the fact that it's drawing attention to itself. He couldn't quite define it. Neither can the OED. Little help?

  • On a Pirate note, I have the last copy of Blood Sugar from Hungry Wallet. (arr har har)

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  • It can always look up

    Remember: the man who played Richard M. Nixon in Frost/Nixon is the same man who played Skeletor in The Masters of the Universe.

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