Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Well, shit.

It would be today that the +5V rail goes out on Hayabusa. Time to find a PS to swap.

ETA: On gentoo, I can turn off the annoying-as-shit motherboard temperature alarm which is triggered at 36C by adding "ignore beep_enable" in the "as99127f-*" section of /etc/sensor.conf.

AETA: Well, Hayabusa fucking offed itself with a different power supply (which wasn't bad until it got plugged in) about two hours ago. I have no extra power supplies, only one working desktop faster than 700Mhz, and I just want to break that motherfucker in half right now. I am so fucking mad right now . . .
Tags: a lesson is learned, hayabusa, linux drivers, siddhartha

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