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French Drains are the Stupidest Thing Ever

The idea is that it's a hole in the ground with a giant chamber to collect water. VERY SLOWLY, the water will evaporate. Again, another reason to be wary of the French.

This is the only kind of drain in the Kirk courtyard, and right now, it's only helping out the ducks who have made their home here. The rest of us have to step lightly, and learn to walk like a Galilean.

Loungeboy's capstone talk went very well - with a record attendance of 4 people (him, Schneider, Fox, and me).. Combinatorics is getting done, and I'm removing massive piles of shit from my room as we speak.

For those of you who read the poem while it was public, and are wondering why it's gone, it's just because it isn't done. If you have read it, and have something to say about it, by all means tell me- it just kind of came out. Comment here, or there.

Best of luck to all of you chafing under the jackboot heel of finals and/or capitalism.

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