Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

They don't call it chorea anymore, because that means "dance"

The weekend ended up being relaxing on Saturday, a little more tense on Sunday. Saturday I "delivered" many of the books by showing up at Cahoot's and watching as people showed up to get them. I got a little more done on the capstone, but not enough to really feel good about it - I need to have more reference material with me when I sit down to do this.

Then I went to the Broiler with Mal (where I was glad to find you can sub veggie burgers for normal burgers), where, while I was in the bathroom, a mentally underdeveloped man pissed on me while I was in the stall. I was surprised to not be a little more upset than I was, but what can you do? He was out on a group home trip, and his home mother was already pretty frazzled.

I scared the hell of out of Meg's roommate when I stopped by to see if she was in (sorry Meg's roommate); I found Fish upstairs washing dishes. After talking about post-college finance things, we went out to Perkins (where I found I can eat about five, maybe six things) and talked about many strange, funny things. I think the mother sitting behind Fish was a little concerned about her children (and the possibility that they might be convinced in strong determinism, or at least learn to say "fuck" a lot), but all in all, a very good conversation. When I dropped Fish at home, Betsy walked in the door, and we fangirled for a while about our collective fandoms. Yes, I totally fangirled.

On Sunday, I worked for about three hours, and I read It's A Bird. This is a metafiction comic at its finest, a semi-autobiographical piece about a writer who is assigned to take over the Superman franchise, but has an intense love/hate relationship with everything that Superman represents. I found his deconstruction of Superman fascinating - I think the lit-crit crowd may find it too elementary. All in all, a very worthwhile read.

Today I need to find some boxes and shipping labels at Mailboxes Etc., and I will mail your packages tomorrow. Tonight I need to do some dishes and sort the CD's, which will be posted in the next two days, when I'm done with Susan's CD.

Also, I've been kicking some serious crossword ass lately - it's always a nice feeling.
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