Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

20 Things I Hate About Me Meme

"Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts. If you're tagged it's your turn. bugger all"

1. I feel strangely Puritan whenever I am offered an apple. (I believe this stems from a conversation in Season 3 involving Holtz)
2. I don't dream that I can remember, and I have recently been lead to believe (by non-authoritative literary sources) that this is due to a zinc deficiency. More investigation is required.
3. I am the proud owner of a MicroKorg that I have yet to play, mostly because I'm too exhausted to do anything but watch Wonderfalls after work. Now that I've finished the series, the MicroKorg gets top billing tomorrow night.
4. I have three computers hooked up to one mouse/keyboard/monitor right now, and it feels like something that feels really great.
5. That sounded a little like I was telling you something dirty. Somehow, I'll get over it.
6. I like to pronounce things in foreign languages under my breath, even when I have no idea what they mean - this gets me in trouble in grocery stores, when people assume I can translate for them, and . . . something about a llama.
7. I would much prefer to be too cold than too hot, just not in my dealings with others.
8. I have ten scars where ten moles used to be. They were removed in order to perform biopsies to test for cancer.
9. I can play the guitar, but I haven't picked it up in months.
10. I am addicted to WebSudoku.com. No - I don't have a problem.
11. I once owned a gerbil named Ghengis Khan. I named her that after I saw Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. She starved to death because she ate half of a pipe worth of plastic while I was in Florida.
12. I used to sleep-Nintendo as a seven-year-old.
13. I will consult books instead of talking with people. I see this as a fault.
14. I have a plan in my mind to produce a tech-tree description of rebuilding civilization from the ground up. I don't think I can do it - but I like that idea better than working on a '78 chevy on blocks in my front yard.
15. My career aptitude test in 6th grade said that I should be a stockbroker. In eighth grade, it said I should be a federal marshal, a psychologist, or a clown. It was roughly seventeen different things when I took it in tenth grade, and my guidance counselor let me pick the three that made the most sense to do my project on.
16. I'm not afraid to say that Sarah Vowell has a sexy, sexy  voice, in a sexy, sexy body.
17. I was the Ace of Spades in my town's 1988 production of Alice in Wonderland. That's right - I was a totally metal second-grader.
18. The three contemporary musical albums I remember listening to before I was ten were the Flashdance soundtrack, The Best of the Doors, and Rumours. These were the only three albums my dad owned on CD, as far as I can remember, and these were the three albums we listened to when we unwrapped presents on Christmas Day.
19. I gave up eating mammals as of last Thursday. I feel a little better, digestion-wise, since the change. Of course, it's not like I'm a vampire now - or a weretiger. Because while that would be cool, it would also mean that I would try to eat the entire party.
20. I try to read my own weight in books every year.
Tags: lj memes, tmi

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