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15 July 2005 @ 02:31 pm
Let Phase II of the moving begin  
The computer has been disconnected at home, and I write this from my computer at work. I will be unreachable electronically for about 48 hours, or until I'm done installing things at the new place. Those of you interested in helping move stuff this evening or tomorrow afternoon, let me know and I'll let you in on what's going on. It's being played almost exclusively by ear.

Also, I had a fun time hanging out with rosa_mundi and sinister_dr_x last night. Andy's Garage is a pretty sweet place, and their cole slaw does not disappoint (even if it is a little sweet).

Also, pie. Heh heh, pie.
Current Music: Delerium - Silence (Airscape Remix)
XCorvisxcorvis on July 15th, 2005 09:19 pm (UTC)
Sorry about that call, I was in Gen's basement.