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I am like quicksand / Lick it from my hand

So, wamblin_man has made me an offer I don't think I can refuse. When asked what it would take to get me out of Macalester DJ retirement, my answer was "I would have to be able to do the whole dance." I was probably being a little flip with that answer, but his answer ("it might just come down to that") has my brain hunting my musical collection for potential tracks to fill 3.5 hours of music. This pre-supposes that I don't go with any "greatest hits" (unlikely) and that my final set is actually completed (more likely by the day, as the second Death Star computer becomes fully operational).

Also, lordindra has re-kindled my interest in playing with Audacity - I remember when it (and pretty much every other open source wave editor) was only knee-high to Goldwave; apparently that is no longer the case. I still don't know if it can replace Multiquence (I doubt it), but I will definitely try to find out.

For some reason, this has culminated in my listening to Project Pitchfork's "Timekiller" about 30 times over the last two days. Thanks, Mal.

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