Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Das Blinkenlinks

New Scientist: 3D Printer to keep spitting out copies of itself. Translation: This is how the grey goo starts.

Christian Science Monitor: Is that a spreadsheet on your screen - or solitaire?. Translation: Wasteful government programs point fingers at each other about how solitaire wastes time, commensensical people somehow unfazed.

Chess Base.Com: How to Talk to Aliens. Translation: Exactly what it sounds like, amazingly enough.

Slashdot: Students Do Better Without Computers. Translation: Eternal battle between technophiles and luddites happens again. Comments are generally insightful.

Slashdot: Orrin Hatch to Lead Senate Panel on Copyright, Patents. Translation: Fox + henhouse = big fucking surprise.

Ask Slashdot: Sources of Intelligent Audio for Commute? Translation: If you don't know what podcasts are, or you're interested in watching people pimp their own podcasts, check out the veritable link-orgy contained within.

New York Times: A New Screen Test for Imax: It's the Bible vs. the Volcano. Translation: Christian Fundamentalists Still Stupid.

Growth of Wireless Internet Opens New Path for Thieves. Translation: That stupid Razor and Blade payphone crap for a new generation.

Study Criticizes Government on Cybersecurity Research. Translation: US Government puts the horse before the cart in the global war on terror again, nobody with a college education surprised.

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