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28 August 2002 @ 09:05 pm
CAUTION - ANGST - Dorn Sonnet I wrote in High School  

The shapeless days and shiftless nights I've stood
Just walking tandem with the lot of you;
For pounding blood and streaking tears I've ached,
My coat is cold, despite the woolen hood -
"No sleep for dreaming," yes, I know this true,
These words are numb, more pills I cannot take.
But pills arrive despite complacent sweat -
My brain could pulse for hours and not be wet.
So Time is passing with a jagged heel,
Along my spine, a careful two-step dirge
Descends within my throat as if to peel
The useless layers from my lack of urge -
For those who see me with a chance to heal,
This kiss, so you can taste my healing's purge.

Current Music: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings