Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Another Dose of Your Daily Outrage

debunkingwhite - The American Eugenics movement. Maybe I'm just some sort of idiot, but I found myself less and less surprised that such a thing could happen in America the more I read.

Slashdot - Creationist Textbook Stickers Declared Unconsitutional. The comments are especially caustic, as the creationism/intelligent design/darwinism/evolution wackos seem to have emerged wholesale from the woodwork.

Finally, Slashdot - Harvard Pres Says Females Naturally Bad at Mathwonderlandkat has already written about it, but it bears repeating - academic tenure was designed for professors to be able to state unpopular theories, but 1. he's not tenured, 2. that doesn't mean we can't still call him a fuckwit. I would also recommend the comments on this article, since the predominantly male Slashdot audience seems to be especially good and bad at this discussion.

Oh, and elfdope - I don't mean to offend your chemical sensibilities, but clusters of aluminum atoms have been found to have properties of other elements.

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