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Life has been pretty hectic and then not so - I've been reducing clutter in my apartment and trying to fix little things that have broken. I'm also spending less time on the computer at home. I sacrificed about three garbage bags of clothes to the imposing, cargo-cult-size metal boxes outside Whole Foods; if they happen to be listening, this puny insignificant mortal would like to remind them that I see their judgment over the lesser beings and my garbage bags as both wise and fair. I don't know where the clothes will end up, and I would appreciate any help on that you could give.

By comparison to the people I played Halo 2 with last night, I am worth one more kill than Blindie. That's right - I was pacing the legally blind player in my apartment by a single kill. Either those guys are really good, or I've just been sucking more and more.

Quitting smoking tomorrow - it's been my quit date for a few weeks, but this time I am planning on making every effort to make it stick. Here's hoping my readings on addiction and my foritude (and its save) are worth a shit, and sticking with the plan.

I'm anxiously awaiting Millenium Season 2 to arrive at my doorstep tomorrow morning, which I just remembered I had pre-ordered them today. Of course, I'll be at work then, but in every other way it feels like Christmas, the way Christmas felt when I was 4. Well, not exactly - I wasn't planning on quitting smoking when I was 4.

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