Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

LJ Friend Colors

No meaningful conclusions to be made from data presented. Explain yourselves, if you see fit - I understand the hot pink on black, but some of the others make me a little nervous . . .

Also, I am a fan of black on white for friends, even all of the journal, as long as it looks sharp (which appears to be the majority, due to the obscene amount of cutting and pasting I did). Also, I'm a guy, so the color identifications will be a little off.

Abaddonx99 -> B/W (default for all friends)
Absolutekaos -> B/W (default for all friends)
AvatarofChaos -> B/W (default for all friends)
Calypsomatic -> B/W (default for all friends)
Chesh -> B/W (default for all friends)
Chronicfreetime -> B/W
Cloudscudding -> Light Pink on Pink
Dierin -> Black on Grey
DjHarlequin -> B/W (default for all friends)
DrChase -> B/W
Erragal -> Mint on Black
GayleMadwin -> Light Pink on Black
Gunn -> Computer Green on Pink
Kitkatlj -> Some kind of Light Red on Burgundy
Lyght -> B/W (default for all friends)
Masui -> B/W (default for all friends)
Nemoren -> Hot Pink on Black
Ninicat -> B/W (default for all friends)
Safiiru -> Burgundy on Blue
SusanofStohelit -> N/A (Default Style)
SylunetheSigher -> Grey on Salmon
XCorvis -> Hot Pink on Black
Xorgok -> B/W (default for all friends)

PS - Most of the colors I chose for my friends were using the "magic color wheel" that pops up with logjam, the Linux client I normally use. So, they're three hexadecimal numbers associated with RGB color saturation. And even if the computer is the only one who can tell, they're all unique. Merry Chi-Mas!

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