Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

The binary language of moisture vaporators

Reading a new geek tome, Write Great Code - Volume I: Understanding the Machine, by Randall Hyde (of The Art of Assembly Language fame). It could just as easily be titled Things You Should Have Learned in CS30* But Didn't, You High-Level Program-Abstracting Wimp. It does not include the phrase "similar to binary load-lifters in many respects", but that's a computer architecture book I'm just going to have to write myself.

I've been keeping up on my fiction reading as well - over the past few months I've finished The Things They Carried (Tim O'Brien), The Cuckoo's Egg (Clifford Stoll), The Sparrow (Mary Doria Russell), and The Cyberiad (Stanislaw Lem). I'm through the first half of Ficciones (Jorge Luis Borges), and I see now why Zámpano is based on him.

I only wish I had a little more time for introspection, but watching gnfnrf play KOTOR 2 will suffice for now.

seiryu_16: what time is E3 next year? I'm trying to schedule my vacation for 2005 . . .

*: In the days of the Republic at Macalester, this was the Computer Architecture and Organization class.

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