Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

"Halo 2 : The Gathering" This Evening

There will be a massive gathering for Halo 2 multiplayer at the apartment shared by myself and gnfnrf. Do not arrive earlier than 6:00 PM unless you are helping setup or gnfnrf says otherwise (he should be arriving late afternoon after work, and likely making a post by 4:00). We have cleaning and arranging that needs to happen to accomodate the addition of the third television.

Having played it a little last night, let me just say that the energy sword is the most bad-ass melee weapon I've used in a first person shooter (of course, I haven't used the lightsaber in any of the Star Wars games). The timing of the instant kill strike is going to become very important.

There are many changes to know before we start killing each other, and I'm sure we'll repeat them several times over the course of the evening:
  1. There are Banshees in multiplayer, but they don't have the energy core cannon weapon that they have in single player.
  2. You can dual-wield any two one-handed weapons: press Y (yellow) to pick up the other weapon in your off hand. Your left trigger  becomes the trigger for the secondary weapon. A melee attack or grenade throw drops the secondary weapon.
  3. There are many, many more weapons. They each have quirks and idiosyncracies  - the most important being that pistol sniping is incredibly hard to do.
  4. Vehicles take damage, die, and respawn just like players.
  5. Rockets can use "lock-on targetting" for vehicles.
  6. Entering a vehicle is now "hold X" (blue) instead of "press X" - you can take over a vehicle being driven by another player by attempting to enter it from the side or behind.
  7. "Radar" is now genuine motion detection - if you stand still, you won't show up on the other person's view.
  8. The focus of a sniper rifles no longer turns red over long distances when acquiring a target - this prevents people like Gordon and myself from being total sniper pigfuckers.
  9. Most of the levels are still there with different names (e.g. "Blood Gulch" is now "Coagulated"); they have been geographically tweaked to avoid dominating positions (like the aptly misnamed Colleen's Spot).
  10. The new levels are a lot like a UT level, and make as much sense as the old ones. In other words, not much.
  11. There are giant barrel-looking things that explode when you hit them. If you see a big barrel-looking thing that looks like it might explode if you hit it, it probably will.
  12. Accumulate is no longer a game type - "Energy Swords Only" is.

Also, the game is fucking bad-ass.

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