Hoc Est Qui Sumus (discoflamingo) wrote,
Hoc Est Qui Sumus

Excerpted as a Thought of the Day

". . . via deconstruction, i can break the hold of any text on me; I can subvert any demands it makes on me. Since 'text,' in American deconstruction, actually means anything that exists, then by deconstructing texts I can completely deny any and all demands on my ego. Because, deeply and above all else, Nobody tells me what to do!"

" . . . Deconstruction soon became indistinguishable from extremist deconstruction - even Foucault called Derrida a 'terrorist,' and for Foucault to call somebody a terrorist, you can only imagine how bad the situation had become. For boomeritis, deconstruction became the primary terrorist attack for destroying any restriction that did not suit your impulses. It put nothing in the place of the structures it destroyed, it simply destroyed, thus unleashing nihilism and narcissism as a postmodern tag team from hell, leaving the ego alone to run among the smoking ruins."

". . . Deconstruction never really took hold anywhere but here in America. It never caught on in Britain, certainly not in Germany, Japan or Nigeria. No, it took off in the one country where an epidemic of boomeritis had already prepared the ground. As no less than Jacques Derrida himself exclaimed - and, my friends, I suggest you think about this carefully - 'America is deconstruction!' "

- Ken Wilber, Boomeritis

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