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24 August 2002 @ 01:43 am
Old Skool  

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 545840
Date Created:2002-05-01
Number of Posts: 170

Magical Creature
Cost: Countably Infinite Mana
Upkeep: 3 Mana(Any)

Wisest of the Mystics, Discoflamingo commands magic and a fierce intellect in his eternal struggle against evil and stupidity.
Strengths: Aleph One / Aleph Nought Flying, Trample
Immune to damage from green, red, blue, or black creatures.
Excellent Public Speaker
Weaknesses: Acid attacks do Double Damage
Special Skills: 3 Colorless: Attack can be distributed between up to 3 enemies
5 Colorless, Tap: Protect up to 5 creatures from one color for 7 rounds
9 Colorless, Tap: Summon 5 Colorless Kird Apes of Doom (See Jon J Expansion Pack)
Weapons: Lightning, Fire, Ice, Frost, Telekinesis, and Yak-Killing Mind Bullets®.
Quote: Mim Kas Nim.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
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King of the Voidabaddonx99 on August 24th, 2002 10:36 pm (UTC)
Yak-Killing Mind Bullets®
That's telekinesis, Kyle.